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Wirtschaftsprüfer Steuerberater

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Wirtschaftsprüfer Steuerberater

LeitnerLeitner ist seit 2011 in Serbien aktiv. Zusammen mit den lokalen Experten werden in Belgrad hauptsächlich Steuerberatung, Wirtschaftsprüfung und Buchhaltungsdienstleistungen für internationale und große lokale Unternehmen angeboten.
Die hohe fachliche Kompetenz und die gewohnt hohe Dienstleistungsqualität von LeitnerLeitner sind auch für Serbien garantiert: durch das Verstehen der länderspezifischen Kundenbedürfnisse und durch die langjährige internationale Erfahrung und Flexibilität des Teams. Wir arbeiten grenzüberschreitend und eng mit den anderen Standorten zusammen.


Measures taken by Company LeitnerLeitner Serbia, under Covid-19-virus conditions

Dear Sir or Madam,

Regarding the emerging situation of the Covid-19 Coronavirus, the Serbian Government has taken further extensive measures in protecting Serbian citizens. In accordance with Serbian Government COVID-19 Guidelines, we appeal to our clients to implement necessary safety measures.

In this regard, we may assure you that in the period preceding this newly created situation, all measures have been adequately taken in order to be well prepared and ready to handle this emergency situation.

In the last few weeks, our core team has developed appropriate action plans, which have been now adopted and properly implemented. Our action plans and adequate implementation, allow us to further provide our services to you on a constantly high level.

Accordingly, our employees have been provided with the ability of remote working i.e. working from home, with full access to our IT and database systems. For these purposes, the IT department of LeitnerLeitner has established a remote access, respecting all security standards and provided our employees with necessary mobile working devices.

One of LeitnerLeitner's main corporate strengths is caring for our employees, clients and the community. Therefore, in the case of Coronavirus, which represents a newly created challenge for all of us, certain risk analyses have been conducted, as well as measures taken in managing those risks adequately; our approach includes our commitment to the safety of our employees and planning to ensure that the company may continue to respond, operate and support our clients on a daily basis.

Due to the exceptional circumstances related to the Coronavirus as well as the measures taken by the Government of Serbia, our offices will be closed for visitors; all meetings will be held on a regular basis via telephone or video conference.

As before, documentation may still be delivered at a reception desk in our offices on a regular basis.

We are convinced that even in these new circumstances, we can make a valuable contribution, and that the measures mentioned above will contribute to handle this difficult situation.

Please do not hesitate to contact your trusted advisor for any further questions.

Best regards,
Your LeitnerLeitner team

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